We provide free, culturally sensitive and linguistically-appropriate social services and support to children, youth and families, including newcomers, refugees and the elderly.

Newcomer Services

Our newcomer services are aimed at ensuring the effective integration of new and recent immigrants into Canadian society. They include needs assessments, language classes, settlement and employment-related counselling, training, mentoring, information and referrals as well as assistance in filling out application forms (e.g. SIN, Driver’s License, OHIP).  We also offer interpretation and informal translation services and organize seminars on Canadian living, education and justice systems, employment standards, human rights, insurance, income tax, retirement savings, and international credentials.

Child, Youth and Family Services

Our children, youth and family services seek to promote and enable change in practice, attitude, knowledge, assets, and behaviour that reduce family conflict, support and improve healthy communication and living, and help at-risk children and youth become successful members of the community. Services, which are also  aimed at helping school boards, child protection agencies, youth justice advocates, parents and families work cooperatively for better outcomes include: parenting/kinship education, training and resources; systems’ literacy and cultural competency training for individuals and agencies; mentoring, volunteering, entrepreneurship training and job placement opportunities for newcomer youth; case management and risk assessments for at-risk populations; education,  information and referrals to community resources; crisis intervention and specialized counseling to individuals and families dealing with divorce, separation, inter generational conflict, domestic violence, anger, mental health and isolation as well as family case conferences, translation and navigation support for those involved with child protection, family courts and youth justice systems.

Health and Elderly Immigrant Services

Our health and elderly immigrant services are aimed at promoting healthy living and addressing the isolation and unmet health, social and cultural needs of elderly immigrants of Ghanaian and African-origin in the GTA.  As part of this initiative, we organize seminars and workshops on issues such as mental health, diabetes, dementia and Alzheimers. We offer help, including companionship, counseling and information to caregivers needing temporary respite or exploring eldercare options. We also assist clients in filling out application forms, booking appointments, and applying for government grants, social housing, shelter and legal aid.  We organize cultural games and facilitate peer support.

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